Fulangshi Nano copper powder

[Product name] Nano copper powder

[Product brand] Fulangshi

[Technical indicators] Particle size distribution: 30-60nm, average particle size = 40nm; purity: 99.8 +%; crystal shape: approximately spherical; color: black or brown-black. In addition: Our company can customize nano-sized copper powders with different particle size distributions, different crystal shapes, with or without coating agents, and hydrophilic and lipophilic properties according to customers’ different uses and different technical indicators.

Fulangshi Nano copper powder

【Product Usage】

Due to the quantum size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect of nano-copper, nano-copper powder dispersed in many media shows exceptionally strong electrical and thermal conductivity. It can be used instead of nano-gold and silver powder to make conductive copper paste and conductive ink for large-scale Integrated circuits and printed circuit boards; nano-copper powder is larger than the surface and can be used as an excellent catalyst in metallurgy and petrochemicals; nano-copper powder has extremely high activity and selectivity in the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of polymer polymers. Can be used in petrochemical catalysts and acetylene polymerization to produce fibers; it can convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, which can be used in environmental protection industry; nano copper powder itself is a good lubricant. Adding to oil can improve mechanical wear resistance, automatic Repair engine scratches and unevenness, so as to improve engine power and save fuel; Adding a small amount to the fabric can effectively eliminate the static electricity of the fabric, can be used in antistatic clothing, and also plays a role in sterilization; nano copper powder is easy to oxidize , Can be used as a strong reducing agent in the redox reaction to increase the burning rate and increase The power of medicine.

[Storage and transportation] This product should be stored in a dry and cool environment in a sealed environment. It should not be exposed to the air for a long time to prevent moisture from agglomerating, which affects the dispersion performance and the use effect. Avoid heavy pressure, do not come into contact with oxidants, and transport as normal cargo.