Nano Copper Application Breeding Industry

Quickly remove harmful pathogens such as fungi (molds) and Vibrio in water.

Replaces common disinfectants, non-resistant

Nano Copper Application Breeding Industry

[Properties] Dark brown liquid

[Composition] Copper, surfactant, strong penetrant, solvent, etc.

[Scope of application] fish: eel, bream, sea bass, bream, black mullet (black fish), yellow mullet and various conventional farmed fish. Shrimp, frog, shellfish, sea cucumber, jellyfish, etc.

[Main function] Nano-copper is made into a unique formula through a special process, which has strong penetrating power and strong effect of clear water and water purification. It has a strong inhibitory effect on dozens of pathogenic microorganisms such as water mold, cotton mold, bacillus, vibriohaemolyticus, vibrio enteritidis, Edwards bacteria, aeromonas, etc. . It has good effects on bleeding, water mold, rotten gills, rotten skin, and stolen death of aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp frogs.

[Usage and dosage] The water depth is 1 meter, and the dosage is 80-100ml per acre. After dissolving this product in the pond water, splash it in the whole pool.

[Advantages and precautions]

1. This product is mild in nature and does not harm algae and does not damage water quality.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use under low pressure and hypoxia.

3, there will be a trace of precipitation for a long time, just shake before use, does not affect the efficacy.